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You see it all the time.

Members of your team getting to the end of their work day and saying:

 “What have I been doing all day?”

It happens to you too.

You’ve spent 8 hours straight at your desk but, once again, you haven’t made as much progress on your big, juicy projects as you’d like.

Instead, you’ve been flapping around between emails and admin, and switching gears between project work and smaller tasks.

You’re on a hamster wheel of overwhelm with your work and frustration with yourself. You feel like if you were just more disciplined — or worked harder — you could get more done.

If this sounds familiar, there’s something I want you to know.

You are already pushing yourself hard enough

In fact, I’d go as far as to say you’re probably pushing yourself harder than you should be.

Those unfocused, unproductive, distracted feelings aren’t the result of a lack of discipline or hard work. They’re the result of the hectic modern times we live in and the unrelenting demands of our work and home lives.


Want the good news? There IS a better way.

A way to stop the mental noise and distraction so you can get more done AND enjoy your downtime.

A way that’s backed by science and research that you can be learned in as little as 30 minutes a week.

A way to support your team in becoming more productive, without pushing them into overwork and overwhelm.

Say hello to Tweak Your Week

A step-by-step plan to get more focussed and productive at work, so you can enjoy your life.

Based on brain science and research-backed techniques Tweak Your Week teaches you small, actionable tweaks (most take less than 5 minutes to implement) that will win you back your focus, headspace, and productivity.


"I have to say: game-changer.⁠ I am not only on top of things but I'm enjoying work more. I'm not stressed or frantic or wondering who I've forgotten to email. ⁠Honestly, the clarity of mind is just so WORTH IT."

Tara Cairnduff
Copywriter, Tara Edits

"The skills you have taught have made me feel and work dramatically better."

—Kat, Tweak Your Week workshop participant

"Fantastically engaging and well-run. The research was well-cited, and I loved how you were able to critique it for us. I also enjoyed that you shared well-tried strategies, with a good combination of theory and personal stories."

—Brendan, workshop participant

"Christina’s teaching experience really comes through; she is knowledgeable, very clear when presenting information, and friendly."

—Jen Kapaun

"I've been able to corral an unwieldy schedule into a more cohesive and orderly system that suits me much better. My time feels like mine again."

—Claire Kleynjans

"Because of Tweak Your Week, I stopped letting other people control my time. Before, I was constantly reacting to the demands other people placed on me. I often felt scattered – flitting from one little task to the next. My work life after Tweak Your Week in two words: Proactive and Focused. Tweak Your Week helped me to take back my time."

―Dr Belinda Calderone
Development Writer, Monash University

"Christina expertly distils productivity-related research from numerous disciplines into practical and engaging lessons and tips. Her Tweak Your Week online course changes lives."

Tessa Jones
Strategic Development Manager, Monash University

Here’s what’s inside

Step 1 – Foundations First
  • Your brain, quite literally, runs on fuel. We’ll find out what that fuel is and what depletes it and replenishes it.
  • You’ll learn what’s in store for the rest of the course and what you need to succeed.
Step 2 – Reduce Mental Traffic
  • If every thought zipping through your head was a vehicle, how jammed up would your roads be? Clear and free-flowing? Or busier than peak hour?
  • Reduce traffic by learning how to say “no” strategically and quit multitasking for good.
  • Know how to get into the right mental zone and improve your focus.
Step 3 – Work Quickly and Flexibly
  • Learn the two basic modes your brain operates in, and how to use them to their best advantage.
  • Overcome the overwhelm that leads to procrastination and inertia.
  • Build unstoppable momentum with simple methods that progress projects quickly (stolen from software developers, and stripped right down to the essentials).
Step 4 – Plan Your Time
  • Finally get a handle on how long things really take and start making realistic goals and plans.
  • Learn nuts-and-bolts techniques for planning your week and your day, based on principles that actually help you get things done.
  • Know what to do and how to bounce back when things don't go to plan.
PLUS – Brain Boosting Bonuses
  • Get a sneak-peek into the personal productivity system that works for me.
  • Learn how to conquer your email inbox once and for all.

Each step includes:

  • short video lessons explaining key productivity concepts and how to apply them to your work and your life (the longest video in Tweak Your Week is about 15 minutes)
  • audio-only files so you can listen to your lessons on the go (plus transcripts if reading the lesson is more your jam)
  • concrete actions so you can start putting what you learn into practice (and start enjoying better focus and productivity) straight away.

There are also a whole bunch of extras along the way including:

  • worksheets
  • checklists
  • links to apps and other useful resources
  • tips on how to apply the lessons while social distancing
  • fortnightly Q&A videos, answering participants' submitted questions
  • … and more.
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Tweak Your Week isn’t like time management courses you might have tried before

That’s because we aren’t managing your time. We’re managing your focus.

Yes, there are 24 hours in every day — but research tells us that we can only do deep, meaningful, productive work for an average of 4 of those hours.

All the time management in the world isn't going to work if you can’t clear distractions and get focussed on the big tasks.

With Tweak Your Week you get proven, research-backed strategies to feel productive, poised, and in control of your days.

“Christina’s clear and concise advice left us all with some fresh ideas about how to manage our day-to-day. Christina was not only engaging and professional, but her content is grounded in demonstrated and reliable science, which is especially important to those in our field.”

–Kate Lowry, Chief Operating Officer, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers


How to book

Step 1:
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Step 2:
Details, details

I'll send you a proposal laying out my pricing and exactly what's included in the purchase of Tweak Your Week.

Step 3:
Lock it in

After you confirm you want to go ahead, I'll send you a contract and an invoice. Once the contract is signed and the deposit is paid, we're officially booked in!

Step 4:

We finalise any small details, and you send me the details of exactly who needs to be enrolled in the course.

Step 5:
Start tweaking!

Your group gets access to Tweak Your Week, and starts learning. Woohoo!

When you purchase Tweak Your Week

Your group gets:

  • Four core modules – Plus a juicy bonus lesson on email management.
  • Lessons in multiple formats – Students can choose between watching the lesson videos (with or without captions), reading the PDFs, or listening to the audio on the go.

  • Worksheets and printables – Lessons come complete with worksheets, checklists, links to apps and other useful resources, tips on how to apply the lessons while social distancing, and more.

  • Questions answered fortnightly – Students may submit questions at any time, and I will upload fortnightly videos answering submitted questions.

Optional extras:

  • A welcome pack for each participant, to get them excited about the course
  • Receive a report on which members of your group have completed the course
  • Live Q&A sessions with me, to have your team's questions answered in real time

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My teaching style

When I teach, interesting ideas meet concrete action. You will learn about the many ways that human brains are endlessly fascinating, but you will also leave with a personal-to-you plan for easy steps you can take starting today.

The tools that we look at are proven to work for real people by actual, top-notch* scientific research. (I am a fully-signed-up, die-hard believer in academic rigour.)

“OK, Christina,” I hear you say, “so your know your stuff. But what makes you the right person to talk to my group?”

I hear you.

Knowing your stuff doesn’t automatically make you a good teacher, right? So let me reassure you that I also know how to talk about my stuff. I've been teaching adults since 2011, and am skilled in breaking down big ideas so that they make sense.

I spent four years teaching scientists how to talk about science to normal people.

We won’t get deep into the science or use lots of jargon. Just straight-up, easy-to-grasp information, and clear action steps that you can implement straight away.

*That’s peer-reviewed, for all the scholars in the room.

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“I wish I had known this stuff decades ago. This is the best organised, and most helpful online course I have ever seen or done. As a teacher I am so aware of how different ways of presenting information are needed for understanding to occur. Christina's presentation and accompanying examples, in video, slide decks and PDF's are perfect for different learning styles. So clear, so well scaffolded.”

–Carolyn Newall, Co-Founder & CEO, We Teach Well

Still have questions?

Here’s what others have asked before purchasing Tweak Your Week.

Firstly, the tools explored in Tweak Your Week are based on actual research. In other words, they've been proven by science to work for real people.

Secondly, all the time management in the world isn't going to work if you have more action-steps bouncing around in your head than you have time in the day. That's why the FIRST thing we look at is how to get your mental traffic flowing freely, allowing you to fully focus.

Thirdly, Tweak Your Week is focused on slow and steady change rather than changing everything about how you work overnight, which makes it much easier to sustain. That's the "tweak" in "Tweak Your Week".

You most certainly can!

The course is delivered through an online membership platform, so all you need to access it is a computer and a decent internet connection.


In total, the course includes 2 hours and 35 minutes of video lessons, and about 5 hours of worksheets and immediate action steps.

That means if you're assigning professional development credit to those who complete the course, they should receive 7.5 hours' credit on completion.

Each participant in the course will receive a unique login, which they can use to access the membership portal.

On there, they'll find the video lessons, as well as audio, transcripts, PDF downloads, and worksheets.

Watching the video lessons will give the best experience, but if you like to learn on the go you can download the audio, or if you prefer to read you can download the PDF transcript.

If you have any questions, you can submit them online (there's a big, shiny button on the homepage) and I'll upload new Q&A videos answering student questions every couple of weeks.

If you need your participants to complete the course (roughly) simultaneously, then I'll provide access for a period of 6 weeks.

(You might want this, for example, if you need a final report on which participants completed the course, or if you want your group to attend live Q&A sessions with me as they work through the course.)

6 weeks is more than enough time to complete the course, but is still a short enough period to motivate your group to get started (and finished!) sooner rather than later.

Otherwise, I'll provide lifetime access to the course. As long as the course is live, you’ll be able to access it. If Project TGL's offerings change and I stop selling this course, I'll give you 90 days’ notice so you can download the resources. But I don't see that happening anytime soon!

I'd love to have your group take this course because I know how much it can help. So, if you have any questions or niggly hesitations, please select the "Book phone call" option below, and we can talk in real time. No hard sell, promise.

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